ESR is a place for raw, cutting-edge writing from those on the margins of society. Our overall mission is to give voice to the silenced, to those who are underrepresented in mainstream media, politics, academia, literature and the arts. It is, through its mere existence, in addition to being a literary journal, an act of civil disobedience. Moreover, because ELAC Writers Society publishes the journal, one of its focuses is to bridge the college with the community it mainly serves: East Los Angeles. One way the publication bridges the college with the community of ELA is by profiling the people who live in it, from family-restaurant owners to art-gallery curators, from political figures to muralists. ESR, however, is not limited to serving and creating a bridge with only ELA. It is a journal for all people from anywhere not only in Los Angeles but all over the world. If you enjoy literature and art, community and culture, or if you’re a writer or an artist ready to show the world your work, then ESR is for you! ESR accepts submissions year-round. All submitted works go through a reading committee and editing process. If your work is accepted, you will be notified and informed in what volume it will be published. Please use our submissions page.